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Reflector patterns available in spot, flood, combination or bat beaming
1. 50,000+hours average lifespan
2,5years of continuous use
3. 96% optical/reflector efficiency
4. 9-36 Volt DC Input
5,100%optically clear
6. GE LEXAN lens
7,Instant on/off, no warm-up
8. Operating Temp: -40 ~ + 155 deg
9,Dual-oversized heat sink
10,Low power consumption
11,IP68 Rating
12,Military standard breather
13,Unique Durable Mar/UV resistant paiting technology
14,Sealed waterproo connector
15,Pass Chinese Military Standard GJB 150&US MIL810-STD
16,High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature shock, UV, Humidity, Salt Fog, Sand and Dust, Vibration, Altitude, CE&Rohs certification
17.Usage: ATV, SUV, Project vehicle, off road , 4×4 ,mining vehicle , heavy equipments Truck, Jeep, Motorcycle, Boat etc