Yamaha O1v-96

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Yamaha O1v-96

[Specification] – Precise 24-bit/96-kHz Audio and High-performance Head Amps
– 40-input 18-bus Mix Capacity at 96 kHz
– Versatile Connectivity and Expandability for a Wide Range of Applications
– Powerful Channel Functions with Flexible Control and Patching
– Four Advanced Multi-effect Processors at 44.1/48 kHz, or Two at 88.2/96 kHz
– 01V96 Editor Software Supplied
– Comprehensive Interface with Large LCD, 100-mm Motor Faders, and Dedicated Scene Memory Keys
– Versatile Pairing and Grouping Functions Enhance Mixing Efficiency
– I/O Expansion Slot for Easy Expansion in a Variety of Formats
– Sophisticated DAW or Digital Recorder Integration
– Built-in VCM Effects
– Channel Strip
– Compressor 276 (mono) / Compressor 276S (Stereo)
– Compressor 260 (mono) / Compressor 260S (Stereo)
– Equalizer 601
– Reverb
– Free Version 2 Download Enhances 01V96 Functionality
– Seamless ADD-ON EFFECTS Support
– A Major Studio Manager Evolution